Terms and Conditions

It’s basic. It’s Honest. By purchasing these items you agree to:

  • Only use music at ONE institution per license If you would like to use a piece of music at multiple institutions (ie. a church and school) you must purchase separate licenses.

However, if you are using a piece with multiple choirs within an institution (ie. 3 choirs at a high school doing the same work) then you just need one license large enough to cover all singers. If the high school has 3 choirs of 40 singers each, then a license for 120 singers would be required. Similarly, part recordings and accompaniment tracks can be shared within an institution, but not between institutions.

  • Not to sell the pdfs, part recordings, other media files, or printed copies that are produced by us (or you). Basically, licenses are not transferrable.
  • Each singer in your program must have their own copy of the music 1 singer=1 copy. See above reference to High School with 3 choirs of 40.

Finally, you understand that the failure to follow these terms and conditions will result in legal actions (no one wants that). Lawyers made me write it.

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