“Yalla Tnam Rima” by Daniel Carter

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Click the ScoreFlipper™ icon to see and hear the music.  Number 4 in the set of “Lullabies Around the World” by Daniel Carter.  Each work is excellent on it’s own, or as a set.

Yalla tnam Rima is a traditional Lebanese lullaby. The rhythmic music naturally wants to keep building, which seems very contrary to lulling a baby to sleep. A male soloist (father) sings a gentle, chant-like verse which leads into the rhythmic chorus. A female soloist (mother) follows reestablishing calm with her chant-like verse, but as the chorus begins and continues to build, mother realizes that baby will have no chance falling to sleep with father and chorus practically dancing around the room. Irritated, mother shushes them all very loudly and again reestablishes calmness to lull baby to sleep. This arrangement is chock full of theatrical opportunities to delight listeners. The more exaggerated the theatrics, the more delight to the audience.


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License Size

Small: 1-24 singers, Medium: 25-49 singers, Large: 50-74 singers, X-Large 75-99 singers, XX-Large 100-125 singers

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