“Seashells” by Jared Field

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Seashells takes a well­known tongue twister and tries to find deeper meaning and beauty in this seemingly silly and child­like text. The text is broken into syllables and sibilance, and the sounds are organized to capture an image of the seashore as seen from the perspective of the woman selling seashells.  The piece arises out of a quiet wave of “shhhh” and “ssss” sounds without pitch, which slowly transforms into a calming, rocking ocean rhythm. Unison pitches enter gradually, building to chords which grow in intensity until the wave of the piece crashes on a beautiful climax. Gradually the piece fades away into nothing, like the mist of the wave, ending with a subtle variation on the unpitched ocean sounds of the beginning.

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License Size

Small: 1-24 singers, Medium: 25-49 singers, Large: 50-74 singers, X-Large 75-99 singers, XX-Large 100-125 singers

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