“One by One” by Diane White-Clayton

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Click the ScoreFlipper™ icon to see and hear the music. In following with the Gospel tradition, “One by One” welcomes improvisation in the solo and accompaniment.  However, for choirs not acclimated to Gospel music, the piece may be performed exactly as written.  Ideally, choir would perform from memory allowing the freedom to clap on beats 2 & 4 where indicated. Beginning in simplicity with a slow and steady beat, unison in the voices, a repetitive minor second in the melody and a sparse accompaniment, it shifts with a change of tempo, intensified rhythms, choir harmonies, and the addition of congas.  The lyrics portray a simple yet complex process of connectedness that, when embraced, can change us as we change our world.

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License Size

Small: 1-24 singers, Medium: 25-49 singers, Large: 50-74 singers, X-Large 75-99 singers, XX-Large 100-125 singers

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