“Lala, mtoto lala” by Daniel Carter

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Lala Mtoto Lala is a traditional Swahili lullaby. The simple melody lends itself naturally to a canon or round form of singing. The lullaby is first sung by a female soloist (mother), then male soloist (father). As the choir joins the soloists, the lullaby develops more rhythmically and builds, then softens gently as the two soloists finally lull baby to sleep. Finger snaps and hand claps by the choir are an important part of performance. The audience enjoys such visual and aural treats. Both finger snaps and hand claps can be done by all the singers, or can be limited to smaller groups within the ensemble, but they need to be seen and heard clearly.


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License Size

Small: 1-24 singers, Medium: 25-49 singers, Large: 50-74 singers, X-Large 75-99 singers, XX-Large 100-125 singers

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