“Fly Away Home: Remembering 9/11” by Peter Frost

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Peter Frost: I wrote this song a few days after the 1st anniversary of September 11th. I was remembering seeing video of people falling or jumping from the tower engulfed in flames. Shortly after I saw this footage the networks discontinued its airing.  Having lost friends from my youth, and parents of my students on 9/11, given that we live just north of New York City, the first anniversary brought fresh emotions back to me. I remembered having trouble shedding that tragic, horrific footage, and wondering what those school children who were being escorted home away from the towers were doing a year later. Were they getting the support they needed. Were they doing okay? Struggling with these thoughts in the middle of the night I wrote the lyrics. The song was debuted in 2003 in Pleasantville, New York.

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