How it works

Instead of purchasing music one copy at a time, you are purchasing a license for your institution to use forever.  One time purchase and never have to worry about ordering extra copies again.  

Step 1: Pick the license size that fits your organization.  You will receive the pdf to print as many copies as your license allows.  

Step 2: If you prefer hard copies to be mailed to you we will do that for a small fee.

Step 3:  Purchase add-ons like part learning tracks and accompaniment tracks.

Step 4:  Enjoy making music stress free!  If someone loses their copy…just make another!

It is our goal to be the best place for you to find high quality, affordable choral music.  The entire premise of our site is that when given the option to act with honesty, people will.   In fact, “Zintzo” means “honesty” in Basque.  The expectation is that you’ll be so pleased with your experience that you’ll continue to return whenever you need music.

We are musicians (directors and composers) just like you.  We rely on each other to keep our art fresh and to provide a reasonable cost.  We think we have the perfect balance and we hope you’ll agree.

If you have any questions or comments please email us at

You can also check out our frequently asked questions, and our terms and conditions.


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