Frequently Asked Questions!

Sorry, but this isn’t economically feasible for us.  We have to keep the site up and pay the composers!  You must purchase a different license for each organization.  However, a license can be used for multiple classes or ensembles within an organization.  Just make sure you order a large enough license…if you have 3 ensembles of 40 singers, you would need the license for 120 singers.  Then you could keep 120 copies on hand.  If a singer quits, or a new one starts, or someone loses a copy…no biggie! just print another.

Yes, you can use one log-in, but each school would need separate licenses.

You can!  You own a license for your school to keep on hand as many copies as your license size.  If you need to make more copies to bring your copies “on-hand” up, you can do that!

Awesome!  We love composers.  Please send us an email to  We will be happy to walk you through the process.

You can utilize as many singers as the license you have bought for a single organization.  It doesn’t matter if the singers are using hard copy, or PDF readers, the music is one to one.  Each singer must have their own copy.

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