Daniel Carter

Daniel Carter 2016-42

Available titles:

“Rock-A-Bye Baby” SATB choir, unaccompanied. #1 from Lullabies Around the World

“Persian Lullaby” SATB choir, solo voice, and piano. #2 from Lullabies Around the World

“Lala, mtoto lala” SATB choir, unaccompanied with percussion. #3 from Lullabies Around the World

“Yalla Tnam Rima” SATB choir, Sop/Baritone, duet, piano and tambourine. #4 from Lullabies Around the World


Daniel Carter was born in the sagebrush of Idaho and learned to love the unlikely combination of country-western music and Caruso’s opera recordings as a young boy. At the age of five, an accident cut off a third of his right index finger. Undeterred, he happily composed his own melodies on any keyboard he came across since his family didn’t own a piano until he was about 10 years old. By the time he was a junior in high school, he composed pieces in the style of major composers. Because financial resources were strained he was not prepared adequately with music studies for university. Though he struggled greatly to catch up, his composition abilities helped him find favor with a few faculty members who mentored him.

Daniel advocates and supports mental health awareness and education. He is also a strong advocate for music education. Students who study music statistically rank better than their peers who do not.

Daniel lives and works in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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