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Get music instantly with pdf downloads. AND we can mail you hard copies for a small fee.

Feel good

Zintzo makes it easy.
One license gives you the ability to make all the copies you need. OR we can mail you hard copies for a small fee.

Save Money

Stretch your budget further by using our site and purchase for a fraction of what traditional publishers charge.

Zintzo means "honesty" in Basque:

keep as many "On-Hand" as your License Allows!

We’ve all been there: 30 copies get handed out, but someone looses one, and now we are one short!  You can’t (or shouldn’t at least) make an illegal copy.  However, ordering additional copies will take time to arrive- AND be expensive.  

Zintzo solution:  Purchase a license one time and make the copies you need. See FAQ page for more details.

Our Core Belief:  People want to make simple, reasonable, ethical, and legal choices.  We make it easy.

Real value

Shipping from mainstream companies is very expensive, and even when choosing the print-it-yourself models, the publishers don’t charge any less money.  The ~2.25-3.00 per copy works out to $75-100 per song for a choir of ~30.  That is a budget buster for 3 minutes of music! 

Zintzo:  One price for a license to copy a predetermined number, and keep those copies on hand.  Plus if you (or your group) prefer we can send you hard copies for a small printing fee: NO SHIPPING costs ever.


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